What should I sign up for?


If I’m interested in Mastodon, Lemmy, and Pixelfed, and not interested in creating my own instances, what should I sign up for? It seems like if I want these three services without my own instance, I need three subscriptions. Is that correct? Is there anything like a triple play for this sort of thing?

Hey! At the moment there is no “bundle” to Pixelfed and Lemmy because they are not yet completely integrated with the main portal. For Lemmy, there is no “paid” package for it because we still have a good amount of “free forever” slots, if you already have an account on communick.com, please just fill the signup form on Sign Up - Communick News with the same username and I will approve right away.

I hope to get Pixelfed deployed “properly” by the end of this week at the latest, and I can update this post after things are ready to go.

Is there any particular reason you’d like to have an account on both Mastodon and Pixelfed? Are you planning to use pixelfed’s stories?