Top up is broken

Not sure what the problem is but the submit-button for the CC details pop-up remains grayed out once the details are filled and I cannot proceed in topping up the account balance.

Seems that the main page is now redirecting to - I guess the site is down for maintenance?

Hello @igufi. Thanks so much for getting in touch and welcome to Communick!

The “www” url should be pointing again to the main website. Let me know if you still see something else.

Regarding the payment issue: you are selecting “Credit/Debit card via Stripe” and selecting the amount, but you the “Submit Credit Card Payment” button is not enabled even after providing all the required info - Name, CC Number, Verification code and Postal code?

I could not reproduce this, but I will try a few more things to see what can be wrong. Can you let me know are you using, and if you are using any kind of javascript blocker?

Feel free to respond here or on the support channel from matrix, if you already set up the client.