Plan clarification

On the group plan for up to 10 users, are those all on the same instance? I am looking to host 2 single-user instances and 1 instance with 2-4 users and I’m trying to figure out the best approach.

Also, um, if you could let me know how to edit my username? As a further sign that I’m going to have to get readers, I misspelled my own name during signup. :roll_eyes:

If there is a customer support link where these should go instead, I missed it on your site.

Hey Joel, Welcome to Communick.

I am getting plenty of people asking about custom domains, and I hope to make something available to the public in the coming days, but at the moment I’m only offering hosting under the “” instance.

I know that most instances are run by volunteers, but the original idea of communick is to provide one suite of “professionally managed” services. The group packages was just a way that I found to offer a lower cost and to help those that wanted to leave Twitter/Facebook but needed to bring some of their network with them.

If you are willing to wait just a tiny bit, I’ll soon be announcing something regarding custom hosting. I’m still not sure about pricing, though. My idea was to start with custom hosting plans for up to 100 users at $29/month, but I don’t have enough data yet with single-user instances. The thing with Mastodon is that the cost to operate the instance is less about the number of users and more about the followers and the number of different servers that it has to talk to.

Another alternative would be to set up Pleroma/Rebased instead. They are easier to run and they work quite well, too. I think I’d manage to offer that at $9/month.

(I know you already saw my response via email, but I will respond here as well for those that might have similar questions.)

Hi Joel. It took me a bit longer than “the coming days”, but custom hosting for Mastodon is finally here! (Managed Mastodon instances entering preview mode · Communick)