Matrix client sponsoring?

Hello. I’ve read you pledge some of your revenue for FOSS projects. Are you interested in giving some donations to the Matrix client I develop for KaiOS(the mobile OS)? The repo is here. I plan to publish it to KaiStore soon or late(I should find some free time to tackle with KaiAds). The client is missing many features but is already very usable.

You could also sponsor individual features.

Hi farooqz, the pledge from Communick is to support the open source projects that we directly provide in our managed hosting system: Mastodon, Lemmy, Funkwhale, GoToSocial and Takahe.

We also have the Communick Collective, a crowdfunding platform for people like you. To be eligible for membership, you need to have any active contract on Communick. Take a look and let me know if this suits you.

Best of luck!

But you also have Matrix hosting. Don’t you?

Yes, we host Synapse, so the pledge is to support Synapse.

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