Deposits via Credit Card broken

The SUBMIT CREDIT CARD PAYMENT button is on the extreme right bottom which makes is quite difficult to use 1Password, or even submit any information to the form. (Chrome/1Password)

After a lot of fiddling I managed to submit… It took several minutes to draw the money but the "Confirming payment, please wait… " message never went away.

I now tried 2 times and the money was taken from my CC but I don’t see the deposit. Please check and update my balance. account: testmon**

Hi testmon, apologies for the issue with payments. We have been some intermittent problems with the service that provides exchange rates that ends up interfering the payment processing, even when the payment is done in USD.

I am working on a fix to solve this permanently. In the meantime, I checked the payments you’ve done manually and already credited them to your account.

Let me know if there is anything else that I can help, and hope to see you soon on the mastodon server!